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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

stock market history graph

stock market history graph

A stock market history graph is also known as a historical stock market chart or stock chart. Graphic depictions of prices have become a standard as a way of analyzing stock market price movements.

Stock charts are composed of the opening price, the closing price, the high price, and the low price of the trading session. Although there are a number of different ways of looking at changing stock prices such as a real-time stock ticker, historical Stock charts allow the trader or investor to see what they cannot see by any other means. Charts are most useful in identifying trends as most traders wish to get in on potentially large trends early in order to gain big profits.

Stock market history graphs come in a variety of different styles. The two most common styles are the bar chart and the candlestick chart. The bar chart has been used to analyze financial markets worldwide for years. Candlestick charts were more recently popularized by Mr. Steve Nison, who is considered the world's foremost authority on candlestick trading.

Besides coming in a variety of styles stock charts also come in a variety of time frames. There are long-term stock graphs such as those that use a one-month time period. There are also a variety of shorter-term Snodgrass that go all the way down to a very small one minute. Shorter-term charts are used by traders more interested in grabbing quick short-term profits rather than riding the wave of the long-term trend.

You could quite easily find whatever type of stock market history graph you would like simply by searching around the web. There are many sites such as Yahoo finance which have free historical Stock charts as well.

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stock market history graph
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Stock Market History Graph - from 1928 to 2008.

Stock Market History Graph

Stock market history graph for each decade from 1928 to 2008.

The stock market information below is taken from the Yahoo finance portal's historical quotes download data, which means that the data may contain any errors if they occur in the original Yahoo data.

The data on that source starts from October 1st, 1928, and ends on the date that the graphs below were made, March 6th, 2008. There is a graph for the whole period at the bottom of the page.

The stock market historical graphs are based on the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock market index, which derives it's values from selected stocks traded at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).










NYSE DJIA October, 1928 to January, 2008

Stock Market History Graph
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Stock Market History Graph

Stock Market History Graph

This stock market history graph will give you a better understanding of how the stock market has looked in the past and how it is likely to keep trending up in the future.

This graph ranges from the year 1928 to mid 2009. It is displayed using monthly candlesticks.

As you can see the overall trend is up. The bottom left hand corner you can see the impact of the great depression, it would have took an investor over 20 years to break even if they had bought at the top, the worst time to buy in history.

You can also see both the Dot com bubble and the Financial Crisis hitting the market in the upper left hand side.

This is a closer look at the great depression graph:

Stock Market History Graph
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